Integrative Somatic Bodywork Therapy

Ideal for Building Health & Resilience

In a session, I draw from a vast body of knowledge, skills, experience, training, a deeply developed intuition, and an attunement of hearts. I carefully listen to your story, your words and body language. Through my heart, hands, and kinesthetic intuition, I tune into the living energy and the resonance of the body-mind-spirit. Depending upon the focus or need articulated, I draw upon my acquired resources to facilitate positive change.  Sessions may utilize healing touch, sound, and gentle movement. All have the focus and intention of bringing about greater wholeness of oneself as a human being, an attunement to one’s path and essential self.
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Continuum Movement®

Ideal for Building flexibility

Amplify and refine the far-reaching communication within yourself, with others, and with the world, using Continuum's dexterity of breath, resonance of sound, and value of meaning. CONTINUUM is an invitation to slow down and pay attention to our true nature and inner wisdom. As we explore the movement of breath, experience vocal sound permeating our cells, and move in the ocean of our body's ocean of fluid, we find spacious ways that emerge from attention to deeply felt sensation. Continuum is an antidote to the speed and stress of everyday life, and is also a refined support for other movement practices, for creative processes, and for other healing modalities.
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Continuum Virtual

Global Community Webinar Series

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